Advanced Accounting

Chart of account with balance

Ledger books provide user a brief view of all accounts with their present balance. In other words it serves the user a summarize view of the financial statement of the org. More details...

A well designed interface for easy transactions

Daily cash receipts and cash payments are easily ascertained.Cash in hand at any time can easily be ascertained through Cash Book balance.

Easy voucher entry option

User can record their accounting transaction through voucher. There are different types of vouchers for different purposes. For example payment vouchers are used for bill payment and receive vouchers are used for receive payments.

Bank Reconciliation

This option helps you to match your bank ledger according to your bank statement. You can easily track down the mismatch with this page and reconcile your account.

Transaction history of all accounts

User can track down each and every transaction occurs for every account. The balance column at the end of each row help the user to verify with other documents.

Easy cash management

Any mistake in the book can easily be detected at the time of verification of cash. An updated cashbook will ensure your proper cash statement.

Cheque associated voucher

User can add a cheque information such as bank name, cheque no, account no, date, amount with voucher and can further search that one. It will helps user to prepare bank reconciliation in PrismERP.

Ledger summary of Cash and Bank

This report provide you the day wise total inflow and outflow for cash and bank account with few important information such as date, no of vouchers, cash and bank balance.

Manage accounting account and sub account

User can add an account as child to an other account. It helps to group a set of account. PrismERP supports unlimited level of sub accounts under the main account.

Ledger summary of Cash and Bank

This report provide you the day wise total inflow and outflow for cash and bank account with few important information to take management decision.

Journal and ledger tracking through voucher

You can track all your accounting transaction and the associated voucher. Searching in a specific date range allows you to track your preferred transaction easily.

Well defined status level

A voucher can be pending, accepted or rejected. With well defined access level for the user you can control the access for ledger transaction.

Stock Management

A Complete Procurement Management Solution

We provide you a complete procurement management system which provides sampling, work order process, proforma Invoice generation and others.


PrismERP inventory management has an extensive feature that is reconciliation.When you need to adjust some items with inventory current status then it will be helpfull to adjust inventory balance.


PrismERP software gives you a lot of report with associated inventory like current stock status, product ledgers, re-order product list, product wise in/out, inventory wise in/out etc.

Party Management

User can add vendor or customer and manage accounting transaction them. Party ledger enables to track all the transactions with a specific party. With party balance user can easily identify the defaulter party list.


Our software support two types of inventory valuation like FIFO and AVG. method. You can manage one or both of methods simultaneously.

Simple Work Flow to complete a procurement

The procurement work flow is simple. You can create a purchase request and then file the received quotation. File the received PI or sale order after creating the work order

Opening Product Balance

User can enter opening inventory product with product value. It will show the user as opening balance as inventory account at the time of commencement of the software and user can edit at any time if needed.

Expiry Management

You can easily manage product expiry by assigning expired date. This is associated with all goods receiving activity like purchased product receive, opening product entry etc.

Delivery to customer

OneBook sales management facilitates items delivery to instantly or partially or full delivery from single or multiple inventory and you can see product stock level at time of delivery as well as order creating.

Re-Order quantity monitoring

You can set reorder level for every product individually. So when your inventory balance would less then this level then our software provide you a re-order product list.

Associating with Account

PrismERP inventory management giving flexibility to managing accounting with inventory, you can associate multiple inventory with single account head.

Stock Transfer

Our software has option to transfer stock with single step or multiple step. It facilitates inventory - inventory transfer, branch to branch transfer and multiple level authorization

Item receive from Vendor

OneBook Purchase management facilitates the items receive from vendor instantly or partially or full delivery to single or multiple inventory.

Service Management

Subscriber Management

PrismERP has excellent subscriber management features. You can search and sort your subscribers with almost any criterion. Vital information such as customer balance, contact information, customers’ service details are always available at your fingertips.

On Demand Service

Every service based industry offers on-demand service to customers in exchange of one-time fee. PrismERP supports on-demand service in all aspects of the service management.

Intuitive Billing System

Our highly sophisticated itemized billing ensures transparency to both service provider and subscriber. It Supports receiving payments from a subscriber for a specific contract, or for all subscriptions at once.

Subscribers’ Portal

PrismERP allows subscribers to log into the system, and access all relevant service and billing related information. Subscribers can be allowed to self-update their profile. Privacy of customer information and system security are strictly maintained in every step.

Flexible Billing Cycle

Billing cycles can be configured to bill customers in any number of monthly interval. You can maintain service contract specific billing cycle, or companywide fixed billing cycle.

Credit Adjustment

Any type of discount, rebate can be managed with PrismERP’s flexible credit adjustment to complete different types of complex accounting entries for the accountant as well as management.

Service Package

PrismERP supports various services (both on-demand and recurrent services) can be combined to create packages, with itemized or combined billing. Regular packages and promotional packages for a specific time frame is supported to manages services packages.

Service Contract

Service contract is at the heart of service management in PrismERP. Different combination of services (on-demand, recurrent, package, exclusive) can be used to  create a service contract.

Recurrent Service

PrismERP supports managing services which generate recurring bill. Ideal for ISP, Web Hosting and various utility companies.

LC Management

Import LC

PrismERP LC management module enables you to manage your LC information effectively and easily.  You can manage vendors documents, goods receive and payment related information easily. It has an extensive feature than you can add all expenses as cost with imported items.

Commercial Invoice

LC management module facilitates you to track commercial invoice information for both export and import LCs. It also updates your vendor/customer balance i.e when you create Invoice then it will update Account Payable and Account Receivable.

Goods Receive/Delivery

This module supports you a flexible goods delivery/receive procedure. You can do it fully, partially and may associate with LC itself or Commercial Invoice.
This portion for Import LC manages costing for you imported items.

Export LC

You can manage your customer LC information through Export LC management system. Its also enabling you to track customer bank, your receiving bank and others basic information. PrismERP LC module enables you to manage Back to Back LC with your Customer LC.

Payment/Receipt Tracking

PrismERP gives user options to track  payment to vendor and receipt from customer partially or full or for multiple LC by a single voucher according to the needs of the user. User can easily track every payment and receipt every single LC wise.

LC Group

User can easily grouping your LCs by tagging each LC. It shows group wise total LC amount, payable amount, receivable amount etc. User can also mention currency for same group. LC group basically helps management to take important decision relating to the operation.

Multi- Currency

LC module of PrismERP supports you to manage multi-currency transaction. User can input the exchange rate in any time as per requirements. Also its calculating currency fluctuation value with your customer/vendor balance.

Merchandising Management

Purchase request

User can easily file customer request or sample order with required information based on sales or production order, also manage status and able to see history relating to the merchandising.

Work Order

User can easily file their customer's work order information and user would be able to create PI / LC with all of the required information to prepare MIS reports.

Proforma Invoice

PrismERP Marchandising module gives the facility to create PI information with maximum information based on your business policy. It is also a customizable feature of our software.


Based on customer requirements you can create quotation on our software and also manage those with history and status tracking.

A Complete Merchendizing Management Solution

PrismERP has a complete Merchandising management system which provides sampling, work order process, proforma Invoice generation and others.

Marketing Management

Opportunity List

PrismERP provides a fully search enable list of opportunity from where you can view list of the opportunities in different dimension (opportunity by campaigns, opportunity by customers, opportunities created in a date range etc.)

Campaign list

Maintains a comprehensive list of campaign from where campaigns can be searched with campaign title, type, status, campaign owners, date etc.

Opportunity Tracking

Tracks all sales opportunities for the entity to enhance their turnover as per the forecasting of the management and PrismERP supports followup process for all the opportunities.


The Task module tracks all the tasks with task description, customer name, contact details, outcome details, activity actions, status of task, follow-up activity, priority of the activity etc according to the need.

Contacts Management

PrismERP tracks all contacts along with contacts status and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details from a common repository


PrismERP tracks all leads along with lead categories, status, contact information, contact persons, and the source of leads.


You can schedule meetings with users, contacts, and leads. When you schedule a call or a meeting, you are creating a record with information regarding the subject of discussion, the participants, the time period, and the status.

Outcome Predictions

Set up sales stages/status and profitability of winning deals. Management can predicts the probability of the outcomes on basis of the practical business judgment.

Opportunity Integration

Associates sales opportunities with campaigns, customers, contacts, activities, and other modules to have a better visibility on the opportunities with follow up process.

Event Calendar

PrismERP displays customer meetings schedule, task schedule, and calls in an intuitive calendar to follow up the activities on basis of priority, user can manage every activity with the name of assignee for the specific tasks.

Meeting List

PrismERP enables employee based meeting list and overall meeting list like call list. User can set priority to attend the meeting with customer details.

Easy to use interface

PrismERP offers a single user form to add all information relevent to a particular campaign

Call Log

The Call log module tracks all the phone calls, e-mails, and post (both incoming and outgoing directions) with caller/sender and called person/receiver information with the purpose of calls, status, follow-up actions, priority etc.

Lead Source

PrismERP records all the source of leads with the required information of user. User can follow up the leads time to time and can edit or delete according to the need.

Task list

PrismERP enables employee based task list and overall task list like call list. Manages daily tasks of the users to have a streamlined sales process by defining the priority and as per the need.

Call log list

PrismERP enables employee based call list and as well as a overall call list. Employee Based Call list enables an employee to find his/her to do-calllist with date, time, call status and the follow-up actions of call log.

Plan & Execute Marketing Campaigns

It can help to plan marketing activities and develop campaign hierarchies by outlining the campaign objectives

Customers inquiries with Campaigns

Tracks all customer inquiries related directly to the marketing campaigns

Employee Management

Employee Profile

PrismERP manages comprehensive and accurate recording of human resources. You can store employees’ complete bio-data with additional information and can organize  & search record instantly.

Daily Time sheet

Time sheet is an integrated component of HR & payroll process. PrismERP allows you to easily monitor employees’ attendance, absence, late and employee movements. Standard reports are available throughout the system.

Leave Management

The leave module manages configurable leave policies based on leave credit system, time, holiday and compensatory off management. You can manage maternity, paid and carry forward leaves smoothly with PrismERP.

Leave reports

PrismERP has various leave reports like as department wise, designation wise, branch wise leave reports to take a decision at management level. These reports also serve as important tools in employee evaluation process.

Plasticity of Pay scale and Grade

PrismERP allows you not only to configure your pay scales and pay grades based on the diversity of employee groups like factory workers, sales and office staffs but also to manage your employees’ increment in a more convenient way.

Vacancy Announcement

Along with new and replacement recruitment PrismERP’s easy to manage Job Vacancy section gives an efficient way to manage candidates for company’s each vacant position.

History of Employee

An employee’s complete employment history is in your fingertips.You have instant access to any employee’s complete attendance, payroll and employment history in PrismERP.

Attendance History

PrismERP allows practically unlimited storage of attendance records of the employees of the organization. User can get instant access to attendance records and can generate reports in various sorting according to need.

Half-day Leave

Our leave management module allows you to approve half-day leave which can be easily integrated with payroll processing.

Variety of Schedule

PrismERP’s payroll module allows you to manage employees under different schedule categories including regular, hourly and piecework. Moreover, you can delete and undo your schedule transactions at any time.

Pay Slip & Bank Statement

In conjunction with dual and multi language pay slip support, PrismERP gives you the flexibility to manage bank payment of your employees’ earnings of any kind.

CV & Other Documents

Applicants’ curriculum Vitae, expertise, experience and necessary related information and documents managing process is easy and quick in the linesPay.

Employee Separation

You can manage your employees’ resignation, release, transfer, termination information right away. We have found these reports if we needed.

Device Integration

PrismERP can be integrated with a variety attendance devices to import attendance information. In case of device failure or any kind of device inconsistencies, you can manage attendance entries manually for both single & multiple employees.

Leave application

Leave application module allows employees to apply leave electronically through the web. Leave records will be managed digitally and at the beginning of the month. In future we will provide reports of leave transaction and leave balance.

Loan & Advanced Payments

Apart form managing employee loans and advanced payments, our multifaceted payroll management system provides the facility to adjust your employees’ loan and advanced salary deduction with each scheduled payment.

Bonus Management

Different sorts of bonus like festival bonus, performance bonus, special bonus, sales and production bonus are easily manageable with PrismERP’s bonus management module.

Applicant Management

PrismERP provides the facility to manage applicants in flexible way. Aside from handling detailed candidature PrismERP’s recruitment module gives perfect solution to keep track of applicants’ status.

Provident/Gratuity Fund

Automated Transactions

Provident/Gratuity Fund allows you to automate your PF and Gratuity transactions. You can manage deduction and refund of multiple salary items in a simple and trouble free way with each month’s salary calculation.


Along with standard taxation rules, PrismERP also helps user to calculate and manage their income tax from their salary according to the income tax rule to maintain the proper compliance.

Employee Loan Integration

PrismERP’s easy to manage Provident and Gratuity Fund management system also supports effortless integration with employee loan management system.

Interest Calculation

PrismERP’s integrated Provident Fund and Gratuity management provides an easy and convenient method to calculate your employees’ earnings against PF and Gratuity total.

Dashboard and Roles

Flexible Layout

PrismERP’s dashboard has extremely flexible layout. It supports configurable 2 and 3 column layouts. The best layout is automatically chosen based on screen size. Portlets can be re-arranged in every way of imagination.

Multiple User Type Support

PrismERP supports multiple type of administrative and general user accounts to maximize efficiency of the key employee of the entity with system security and reduce administration overhead of the organization.

User Activation

All user accounts on creation must be enabled explicitly by system administrator. it reduces risk of accidental security breach greatly. user can disable user accounts if suspect malicious activity and re-enable if need.

Customizable Portlets

Some portlets can be little overwhelming to use in their default configuration of PrismERP. We let users configure the portlets to display only information that is relevant and needful to the user.

Password Security

Our access control system is highly fine grained. Access to any section or feature of the software can be turned allowed or prohibited for particular users.

User Role

User roles can be created and modified as per business needs. An user can have any combination of roles which management thinks fit for the organization.

Interactive Charts

Nothing gets a point across more quickly than a nice looking chart. Portlets with interactive charts and plots, such as account balance, attendance trends keep up-to-date on recent happenings in organization.

Branch Specific User

In multi-branch companies, it’s common to limit users of certain branches to access only their branch specific data by branch specific users, who cannot access any information outside the scope of their branch in any part of the PrismERP.

Limited User

Sometimes it is necessary to grant untrusted or field level users some level of access in the PrismERP system. Users created with such restricted privilege can only access the information which belongs to the user of the organization.

PrismERP Factors

PrismERP Suitability

PrismERP application aims in Bangladesh to present the interest of Perfection in any businesses. Such objective coordinates right from invoicing logistics, inventory maintenance, accounting, tracking orders, and interacting with suppliers and customers. Such integration in any form of advance ERP solutions of Bangladesh is a remarkable one. PrismERP enriched the highest level. More..

PrismERP Increase Productivity

The Context of advance Bangladesh cloud ERP solutions is a future milestones in connection to increase productivity of businesses. Business house or entity the ERP solutions plays an important role to cut down administrative cost , time effectiveness on delivery and qualitative outputs. Thus PrisMErp is the right solution to increase productivity.

PrismERP Performance

The mushrooming growth of ERP application in Bangladesh is frequent. No matter , PrismERP with its dedicated teams of networks are meeting up challenges to serve the best in entire business platform beside world- wide competition. Prism ERP inherited unique quality techniques & tactics to keep uplifted to face & compete with any other ERP application.

Cost Effectiveness of PrismERP

In any businesses the price issue is a major issue to justify the utilization of any product in reality. The ERP budgetary market of Bangladesh varies with the flow of time. PrismERP is very conscious about its budgetary quotation filling up end user requirement as per demand & customization. Obviously the financial matters while putting up RFQ is based on end user requirement & it is tailored made that reduce entrepreneurs cost.

PrismERP Drive Decision Making

PrismERP more elaborately our cloud based ERP solution renders automate drive decision making scripture through the process of business intelligence sense of direction. Originating such process of orientation is a herculean task to any form of advance ERP of Bangladesh. Needless to point out that PrismERP in cloud accommodation also plays turning outcome to secure cloud backups & Integrate decision making drive.

PrismERP as a Real Time Business Intelligence

PrismERP is architect such manner whether is web based or in cloud the advance option & modules are integrated in such manner that it is real time Business Intelligence application. The centralization & decentralization platform created with such scripture that for any user the B.I is scheduled to result with standard form of real time formulation. Without the real time standardization the ERP application is stagnant and in any advance ERP solution the requirement to implement ERP system in Real time followed by artificial intelligence is a must criteria.

PrismERP Vendor Support

PrismERP growth determines with the effect of rich technical know-how. In any industries to interact ERP applications knowledgeable & resourceful vendors are desirable applicants. It is very important that such integration of detail technocracy should emphasize with all vendors. Prism ERP certifies it warranty to end users.

PrismERP Control

Prism ERP with its proud invention is a fully compliant system that has user interface which can be easily followed by trained employees. All the information which is inbuilt can be accessible, intermediate or readable from the database via the user interface.

PrismERP Affordability in localization

ERP solutions in Bangladesh varies prices based on Vendor company & there implementation recurring expenditures. Each of the ERP vendor whether is based on web application or Cloud ERP the price fixation matters with the brand name of the application. Prism ERP is affordable to small –medium- Large entities. The unique financial deals tailored such way any suitable user can position them to afford it.

Reliability in Bangladesh in Context to PrismERP solutions

An ERP implementation or selection of ERP implementation relies on the age of the Vendor company. As long as the company growth is rich the output of ERP implementation will be more successful & rewarding. The low cost ERP solution also based on the profiling of vendors development resulting aggressiveness with innovations PrismERP takes place and surely a durable reliable product of Bangladesh.

PrismERP gears up Business

Acceleration process in any business is always an objective to be speedy & accurate in deliberations.ERP implementation is such kind that any business can gear up in terms of efficiency, productivity, time effectiveness & organization platform. Thus PrismERP takes all pleasure without a doubt to perform such acceleration in business process & satisfies End Users the supreme nature of its functional applications.

Importance of PrismERP Integration

ERP is an application that needs integration as a overall to process it functionality. Thus PrismERP acts as one stop box service centralizing its mode of operanda in multi direction. The integration is objectively coordinated to interact with main modules and sub modules and all other add on modules including web based interaction & cloud accommodations. It resembles low cost solution and implementation procedure are not complex and easy accessible.

PrismERP Pricing Model

PrismERP with its team of Marketing & Sales takes the liberty to announce pricing models based on platforms as per demand from the end user or entities. Obviously the formulation of the pricing models PrismErp holds in General way, Standard way and Exclusive ways. As a matter of fact , PrismERP is always having low cost solution in comparison to any advance ERP of Bangladesh.

PrismERP Strengthening Procurement

Advance ERP solutions rather Cloud ERP solutions in both concept the ERP implementation in regards to strengthening procurement is of high effort. Right from CRM modules to HRM modules and entire other modules the process of procurement itself is quite elaborative with sense of logical direction. PrismERP occupies those drawbacks presenting unique formulation to strengthen internal technocracy procurement.

Return of Investment using PrismERP in Business Canvas

ERP solution in Bangladesh is obviously a profitable outcome solution. Elaboration can be in many ways. Using ERP application in Bangladesh will have low cost solution, reconciliation of accountability in quicker way, transparency & sustainability. Prism ERP takes the opportunity to execute & implement such proposition to business of various industries. Today’s advance ERP of Bangladesh milestones will contribute segments of difference in respect to Bangladesh Commerce & industries.

Reduce IT Cost using PrismERP

The pricing Models in the prevailing market area of Bangladesh varies with the variety of advance ERP , Cloud ERP , Web based ERP in many ways. PrismERP with its specialized integrity conveys special low cost solutions which are moderate price & are affordable to any end user .PrismERP R&D teams had In-depth market feasibility feedback & set the criteria to reduce IT cost and can assure the market the best reduction in compare to other advance ERP solution for the first time of Bangladesh ERP regime.

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