Ledger Book

PrismERP Ledgerbooks provides users to air mark of all accounts and all sub accounts resulting records of balance. Such integration enables user a summarize view of financial statement that recognize perfection. More details...

Cash Book

Daily cash receipts and cash payments are easily ascertained.Cash in hand at any time can easily be ascertained through Cash Book balance. Any mistake in the book can be easily detected at the time of verification of cash.

Cash Book

Voucher, Journal and Ledger

You can record all your accounting transactions through voucher. You can track all your accounting transaction and the associated voucher. Searching in a specific date range allows you to track your preferred transaction easily.

Voucher, Journal and Ledger

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation option helps user to match their bank ledger according to the bank statement. User can easily track down the mismatch with this report and prepare proper explanation for every bank account for different time duration.

Bank Reconciliation

Party Management

You can add vendor or customer and manage accounting transaction of them. Party ledger enables you to track all the transactions with a specific party. With party balance you can easily identify the defaulter party list.

Party Management

Trial Balance

Balance Sheet

Profit Loss Report

Independent Branch Accounting & Central Control

Warehouse Management

You can manage your whole inventory with this module. This module also supports reconciliation. You can record all your products’ transactions. This module also provide you the valuation information at any date. More details...
Warehouse Management

Product Management

Various categorized products can be added with different delivery system (FIFO, Average,LIFO). This module also supports bar-code system.

Product Management

Delivery Management

We support partial delivery in our system. You can add a delivery from a specific order or just can add a delivery and later associate it with a order. You can add your direct expenses with delivery and our perpetual system reflects your cost of goods sold with each delivery.

Delivery Management

Delivery Return

Through this section you can manage all sorts product return scenario. Returning product is possible with or without the order information.

Delivery Return

Purchase/Sell Serial Product one by one

- Scope of dealing one by one with Single Serial System. - Serial and Lot combination help eliminating duplicate serials - Restricting System permanently not to use duplicate serials More Details...

Branch Product Serial Management

- Purchase/Sell Product in a group/Batch (Eg. 1-50, 90-220)
- Search individual Serial when needed
- Batch Product Serial behaves like single serial too.
- Lot and Serial provides flexibility of searching
- Start with, Like, Exact search help find the serial quickly

Upload Serial from Files

Order Management

You can easily manage all your sale order and purchase order through this section. We support multiple formats of sale order. Highly customizable this module also supports VAT and discount option.

Order Management

Sales Order

Purchase Order

Sales Cancellation

Price Protection

Single Sales Warranty Claim

Claim can be managed one by one as customer claim arrived. System will determine claim type itself based on the warranty period upon entering serial number.

Batch Sales Warranty Claim

Claim can be managed in a batch to the manufacturer. System will determine claim type itself based on the warranty period upon entering serial numbers.

Warranty Servicing

If a goods having a valid warranty period that will be treated as Warranty Servicing.

Non Warranty Servicing

If a goods don't have a valid warranty period it will be treated as Non Warranty Servicing. Service provider will have the facility to repair, reject or replace by charging the customer.

Third Party Servicing

The product sold through the other channel will be treated as Third Party Servicing.

Non Serial Servicing

Product don't have serial is to identify - will be treated as Non Serial Servicing. Service engineer will decide for repair, reject or replacement.

Warranty Service Invoicing

Warranty Invoice can be generated when needed upon repaired or rejected state.

Automated Goods Delivery Return

An automated goods delivery return challan will be created upon the replacement status.

Automated Replaced Goods Delivery

Similar to Automated Warranty Goods Delivery Return, A new delivery challan will be created upon selected product replacement.

Single Purchase Warranty Claim

Claim can be managed one by one to the product manufacturer. System will determine claim type itself based on the warranty period upon entering serial number.

Batch Purchase Warranty Claim

Claim can be managed in a batch to the product manufacturer. System will determine claim type itself based on the warranty period upon entering serial number.

Vendor Credit Note

Supplier may require to provide credit note instead of the replacement. The system will allow to apply credit notes which should effect the supplier accounts.

Sales Center Status

The system will allow to set appropriate Sales Center Status.

Service Center Status

The system will allow to set any kinds of service center status.

Supplier Status

The System will allow to set supplier status receive from the supplier.

Warranty Token

The system will generate a dynamic token upon claim, the same token will be used as delivery token and invoice if needed.

Faster Claim Management

PrismERP RMA module allows customer to manage claim quite fast and eliminates the long Que of replacement/Service Centers.

Service Center Profitability

PrismERP RMA module allows to determine Service Center Profitability.

Choosing Manufacturer by Decision Making Reports

Based on the claim analysis reports PrismERP help to choose the right manufacturer to the organization for the right product.

Customer Claim Analysis

PrismERP RMA module allows to provide Customer claim analysis report.

Vendor/Manufacturer Claim Analysis

PrismERP allows to provide Vendor/Manufacturer detail claim analisys report to the organization.

Recruitment Management

PrismERP’s recruiting management system assists you to discern your candidates for building a high performance workforce. Alongside announcing vacancies and applicants’ data management you can also schedule interviews for short listed candidates.

Recruitment Management

Employee Management

PrismERP manages comprehensive recordings of 50,000+ employees. Handling employees’ personal, educational and professional information, attendance and leave data, details of payroll and pay scale, and transaction of any kind can be done adroitly with PrismERP. Most importantly, PrismERP’s Incorporated employee portal management allows your employee to mange and update their personal data at any time.

Employee Management

Attendance Management

PrismERP’s attendance management system has been designed to make the best use of your workforce thereby to minimize swindle in time reporting. You can choose your own suitable scheme from our diverse attendance entry methods as well as can be benefited from our standard attendance report.

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Our enriched leave management allows you to configure your very own leave policy by defining different leave types and their applications. You can allocate half day as well as full day leaves and can also keep track of employees’ leave balance.

Leave Management

Payroll Management

You can term your pay scale with our user defined payroll items and can schedule your employee payment according to your need. Our payroll management system have all the options you need to administer your scheduled, unscheduled and advanced payments.

Payroll Management

Provident Fund and Gratuity

Provident and Gratuity Fund Management is an important issue in HRM which is handled by PrismERP very confidently. You can refund employee's contribution or can confer them the profit according to their contribution ratio by setting your company policy. Also your employees can be promoted by PrisamERP’s gratuity management system.

Provident Fund and Gratuity

Ensures Material Requirements for Manufacturing


Strategic Inventory Positioning

Collaborative Execution of Order, Purchase, Transfers, Manufacturing and Shipments

Sales Analysis

PrismERP records all the steps in sales analysis and clearly defines a set of marketing procedure and predictive analysis which will guide to successful sales forecasting.

Sales Analysis


PrismERP's sales opportunity tracking module provides an exclusive interface to store and manage information details relative to opportunities with field like stage/status of the opportunity, profitability and expected revenue.


Customer Service & Support

Every sales lead, if rightly tracked and nurtured, can be a revenue generating opportunity.For this reason, PrismERP effectively covers all the process of lead generation to lead conversion, Furthermore, PrismERP employed an effective Support Management Module to control after sales support functionalities.

Customer Service & Support

Marketing Campaign

PrismERP's marketing campaign tracking module gathers information about the marketing channel, target, program dates, budget, expected revenue and offer to ensure that campaigns are effective and measurable

Marketing Campaign

Contacts Management

PrismERP tracks all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details from a common repository.

Contacts Management

Meet up Demand Vs Supply Flow

Maintaining Supply Chain Information Flow Throughout the Branches/Departments

Maintaining Finance Flow To Ensure Supply Chain Reputation

Asset Acquisition and Registration

User can add new Item (category), new product and add new purchased assets. Asset List and Ledger will be updated for each transaction of asset addition.

Asset Classification

PrismERP provides their users the feature of classify their Asset. Tangible (Land, Building, Machines, Plants, Furniture, Computer, Vehicles Etc) and Intangible (Patent, Software Etc)

Group Asset

PrismERP enables group reports of assets by Product cost, Class, Provider, Branch and Department etc.

Assignment of Asset

Assets can be assigned to employees as a custodian.

Asset Transfer

Between branches or entities

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking (Bar-Code , Serials, Register) is flexible solution that offers complete visibility in to the location, Condition and quantity of your assets.

Warrantty Assignment

Warranty Information can be effectively assigned for purchased assets.

Depreciation Calculation

PrismERP estimates Asset depreciation expense for the periods for which you project depreciation based on the financial information for your existing assets at the start of that period. The projection includes additions, transfers, and reclassification transactions you perform in the current period.



Service Multi Units

Service Item Groups

Service Package Management

Service Contract Management

Subscriber Management

Subcriber's Services Profile

Service Change Management

Recurring and On Demand Billing

Auto Invoice Generation

Invoice and Payment Reminders

Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Yearly Billing Methods

LC Management

PrismERP LC management module enables you to manage your LC information effectively and easily. You can manage vendors documents, goods receive and payment related information easily. It has an extensive feature than you can add all expenses as cost with imported items.

LC Management

Import LC Management

Export LC Management

Indent LC Management

LC Related Sales Contracts

Proforma Invoicing

Work Order Management

Managing LC Expenses

Shipment Management

LC Shipment Deliveries

Managing Loan Against Trust Receipt (LATR) and Margin

Managing Product Serials Under Import and Export LC

Resource Planning

You can create your schedule for available resources to complete your project.This enables you to plan the consumption of each type of resource, so that you will have enough resources to complete the project.

Resource Planning

Monitor Work in Progress

You can track and monitor jobs and material throughout the manufacturing process. This helps you to take several key decisions to complete the project in predefine time line.

Monitor Work in Progress

Monitor Consumption

All the expenditure through out the production life of each product is recorded. This helps you to optimize the production cost in the future.

Monitor Consumption

Email Upon Different State of Transactions

PrismERP Email Setting commands the system automatically send email on different states ( Pending, InProgress, Approved, Reject ) to designated personnel. Eg. for Voucher, administrator can receive the email, for SO: Customer can receive the email upon settings.

SMS Upon Different State of Transactions

PrismERP SMS Setting commands the system automatically send SMS on different states ( Pending, InProgress, Approved, Reject ) to designated personnel. Eg. for Voucher:accountant can receive the SMS, for SO: Customer can receive the SMS upon settings.

Notifications Panel

PrismERP Notifications Panels notify all about the pending issues into the system. Eg. Voucher Pending, SO/PO Pending, Leave Approval Pending. The system help company to act immediately to grow faster.

2FA Authentication

- 2FA Authentication Over SMS or
- 2FA Authentication Over Email or
- 2FA Authentication Over Google Authenticator

IP Based Restrictions

- User Wise
- Global Settings for All Users

Time Control

- Timeline based login
- Different Timeline for Invidiual Users

SSL Certificates

PrismERP support every types of SSL certificates which helps protect the data transmission security over the internet.

Branch Wise Cash

- Separate Cash for Branches
- Central Control of all Branch Accounts

Branch Wise Inventory

- Individual or Central Inventory for Branch Users
- Branch Users can access inventories with its control

Branch Reports

- Individual Branch Reports for All modules
- Central Branch Wise Reports for All Modules

Different Report Layout for Branches

- Different Header for Different Branches will help you manage identical branch reports
- Easy For Different Brand Management for the same company by the branch

Role for Admininstrative and General Users

Multiple level of administrative and general users can be created in PrismERP. Our fine grained group based permission system, makes access control both flexible and easy to use.

Configurations Controls

- Easy Configuration management
- Set of Configurations for Different Components
- Comfortable Configuration as per business demand

Backup and Restore

- User Can take backup anytime
- Download on demand if needed
- Restored back to earlier state of backup if needed
( mostly restore used in practise or if crashes or data lost)

Cloud Backup


Reports are categorized by module and logical type, providing you a quick access to your desired report. Our report viewer provides great in-application report viewing experience. Generated reports can be exported to other file formats, and printed with great flexibility.



Dashboard presents quick overview of your business. Module specific portlets and interactive charts highlight bring key operation related information to your attention. Our dashboard can be customized by the users which help maximize their daily productivity.


Industry Specific Customization

Process Specific Customization


Netelligent is one of the largest datacenter located in Canada having strong partnership with Divine IT Limited more...

Case Study

PrismERP integrates entire business operations of MK Electronics, one of the leading company of Elecotronics Industry in Bangladesh where they are managing around 10 branches and approximate 5000 Products throughout Bangladesh remotely. More ..

Latest Developments

Add discount for sales cancellation which previously added by sale order, vendor & customer balance report, journal voucher can be added in a project. LC & Assets management up-gradation.