DIC Bangladesh Private Limited rely on PrismVAT for their VAT management automation


DIC Bangladesh Private Limited rely on

PrismVAT for their VAT Management Automation, Signature Product of Divine IT Limited

DIC Bangladesh Private Limited is one of the most renowned manufacturer company entrusted Bangladesh’s another most reliable Software Company Divine IT Limited as their peer for the implementation of Divine IT Limited’s one of the most advanced VAT management systems approved by the National Board of Revenue (NBR) called PrismVAT. A great companionship between two creative companies has begun. Over the implementation period PrismVAT will be integrated with the SAP system for seamless user experience.  

DIC Bangladesh Private Limited

DIC Bangladesh is part of the World's largest manufacturer of printing inks and allied material, DIC Corporation of Japan. It is India’s one of the leading suppliers of printing inks, laminating adhesives, innovative packaging solutions, and other allied products, serving the country's top-tier newspapers, magazines, packaging, and printing institutions. 

The DIC Group aspires to contribute to the creation of a society that enriches people's lives with rich color and comfort. DIC Bangladesh is highly supported by DIC Group's international R&D network, which focuses on developing new products, improving existing ones, new technologies, processes, and applications for indigenous and pan-Asian markets. The skilled team of creative designers and engineers at DIC Group are the company's pillars, specializing in custom-made packaging solutions that stand out on the shelf. Though India and Bangladesh have a plethora of ink manufacturing and printing ink companies, what sets the DIC Group apart in the printing ink sector is its continuous quality and user support.

Divine IT Limited

Divine IT Limited is a key contributor to Bangladesh's IT growth, specializing in ERP, EAM, SCM, and Unified Messaging Solutions. It is nationally & worldwide known an IT power house with state-of-the-art technologies and solutions to accommodate multidimensional business needs was founded on the idea "Customer-Commitment-Technology,"and has aided clients with application implementation and integration, development of custom application, business to business interfaces/applications, and application optimization using custom modeling. This software firm provides advanced business automation through professional services that are of exceptional quality, competence, performance, and objectivity. Currently, along with other signature products PrismVAT, Linespay, Onebook, Centroid, the flagship product PrismERP is serving more than 350 companies, covering 40 plus industries while giving local companies a competitive edge in the international market.

With the excellent team spirit and dedication Divine IT Limited has achieved certifications like CMMI L3, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 & ISO 20000 and local and global awards like National Productivity & Quality Excellence Award 2015 & 2018, Basis National ICT Awards 2017, APICTA International Awards 2017, WITSA Global Excellence ICT Awards 2020.


The National Board of Revenue (NBR) of Bangladesh's Ministry of Finance has authorized PrismVAT, developed by Divine IT Limited, and the software is based on the VAT Acts of 1991 and 2012. 

It is a web based solution so users can access from anywhere in the world from any type of smart device and this software can be managed in any kind of company and this is why it is a smoothly accessible VAT management software. 

Through API integration, it is possible to integrate with any existing software. Users can maintain an on premise server as well as cloud storage. Security options like 2FA, time restriction, IP restriction, role based access etc, can be configured to restrict any kind of software breach.

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