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Enterprise Applications


Fully-integrated business solution, that serves a complete control over the planning and management and maintains all phase of business in a variety of industries.


Smart Robust System that can handle all the complexity of Human Resource Management. Rapaciously synthesize plug-and-play alignments whereas leveraged networks.


Centroid - A production-oriented software solution that integrates application of Production Planning & Control. The application furnishes & draw out all kinds of merchandising as well as material


Fully-integrated business solution, that serves a complete control over the planning and management and maintains all phase of public administration.


PrismVAT is one of the first NBR-approved VAT management software which is fully complied with VAT Act 2012 as per GO-16!


PrismMMS is a merchandising management system which is delivered to cater the solutions of garments business as well as of buying house industry


PrismCAS is an application that enables Central Authentication Service (CAS) for Prism lineup of applications as well as third party applications. Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a single-sign-on / single-log-out protocol for the web.


The Go-to Platform for Onboarding Ideal Hires!


PrismDMS, a high performance, intuitive cloud based Document Management System programmed to track, manage, organize, tag and archive electronic documents with legitimate access control for Enterprises of multiple dimensions, bringing the world one step closer to a paperless one.


PrismFX is designed for companies with retail distribution managed by a field force. The field sales users can operate the application in both online and offline modes. The app requires initial online installation and syncs with the PrismERP system to load product, pricing, discounts, and customer data.

SMB Applications


OneBook is a comprehensive compatible ERP solution for an organization.A web based solution for accounting, inventory, sale & party management for your organization.


Cheque Print software is a user friendly Cheque Printing software that helps you to organize, print and track your cheques very easily.


PrismPOS deals with Inventory and Financial aspects of Cash register systems,bar code scanners, invoice, lock screen and payment method


PrismVMS is a cloud based visitor management System. Welcoming guest is the trend of many companies and businesses. We know that visitors and guest are key to success of any company. Visitors play key role in success but that should not breach work safety. PrismVMS provide administration and automation of guest management. You will have accurate information of how long they will stay in your office. VMS helps with workplace space management for your staff and guest.


PrismLMS is a cloud based library management system. Our LMS aims for helping you with management, automation and monitoring of libraries. You can use it for managing teaching courses and training programs. Although the first LMS appeared in the higher education sector. The majority of the library management systems now today focus on the corporate market.

Financial Institutions

Banking ISS & MIS

A web based monitoring platform that supervises & integrates all the mechanism & MIS reports of Bangladesh Bank


Stand alone application for creating cheque and pay order book requisition obtained from customers for better banking process

Telecom Applications


Core4Switch is a versatile switching platform with integrated billing. Its standalone single server deployment provides small to medium service providers an easy start


Core4Xtreme is a mobile application solution for the operators that allows them to offer their user to make free phone calls and send text messages to all other internal users.