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Experience the user friendly platform by serving overall production solution for any size of business

Effortlessly perform all the activities of different production as well as control & plan through Centroid

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Monitor & Track Progress

With Centroid, progression of each production step is monitored and no error goes unrecorded

Easy Material Requisition & Procurement Process

With the help of vendor & material comparison option; users can procure materials decisively

Reduced Wastage

Excess production and uncalculated resource procurement can be brought to 0%

Corrective Action On Critical Issues

Centroid allows accurate data and calculation thus taking necessary steps on critical issues becomes easier

Efficient Utilisation of Resources

Centroid makes it easier to understand at what rate and quantity machinery can produce outcome, confirming 100% utilisation

Accurate Statistical Forecast

Centroid's Forecast function generates statistical reports for each item balancing the entire operational system of the business


Multi Production Unit


MRP & Production


MRP & Production


Multi Production Unit

Production We Offer

Mass/Continuous Production

Batch Production

Job Production


Materials Resource Planning

Production Planning & Scheduling


Production Inventory Control

Wastage Monitor & Control

Multiple Production Unit

Production Configuration

Material & Product Management

Integration with PrismERP

Procurement Requisition, Stock Integration

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