PrismATS (Applicant Tracking System)

The Go-to Platform for Onboarding Ideal Hires!


Faster & Easy Recruitment

PrismATS promises to reduce menial complexities in the overall recruitment process for an organization. Through a single centralized platform, all the recruitment process can be done digitally to recruit the best professionals.


Data Backed Accurate Decision

Any further action/decisions can be taken based on the previous weekly/monthly/yearly report which allows immediate workforce recruiting for any sudden project.


Improved Employee Retention

Without facing any kind of hassle, candidates are allowed to apply for several job roles digitally through the simplified process of PrismATS, which retains more candidates for an organization.

Why Use An Applicant 

Tracking System?


Spend 80% less time on administrative task


Attract 4x more direct candidates


Make hires 40% faster


Reduce recruitment agency expense

We Have The All-in-One 

Solution for You

Hunting and picking the right talents for an organization can prove to be quite a challenge if not done efficiently. 

PrismATS is here to put your mind at ease by getting rid of the menial complexities in the overall recruitment process for your organization, all while cutting recruitment agency costs by 83%. PrismATS will help you increase the number of direct candidates by at least 4 times in 80% less time that you would spend using other conventional methods.


Simplify The Way You Recruit


Hunt & Pick The Right 

Talents For Your Organisation

- in the most effective way

PrismATS (Applicant Tracking System)

PrismATS provides a comprehensively integrated and automated recruitment portal which attracts direct candidates to apply for multiple job roles and trace the job availability.

Job Portal

Applicants can directly apply for multiple jobs via the single job portal and management will be able to track the candidate history with candidate application status from the same portal.

CVS- Candidate Verification System

Candidate enrollment can be easier than ever by using an individual's fingerprint to trace the candidate's details.


Process That Saves Time

Carry On The Hiring Process In The Most 

Competent & Effective Way

PrismATS (Applicant Tracking System)

Managing all of the candidates from one central system rather than multiple job portals allows the concerned person to review the candidate's profile as well as classify the candidates skill matrix.

- Candidate Profile Management

- Candidate Signup from Job Portal/Template/Web

- Dynamic worker recruitment/assessment

- Dynamic Executive Assessment

- Interview Scheduling

- Assessment Panel & Scheduling

- Candidate Classification


Job Template

Specified all the job required details as designation, job description, responsibilities, and skills needed for a specific job role.

Job Allocation

Allocate the number of vacancies needed for a particular job role of a particular department.

Job Requisition

Creating new job positions with specific requirements for further hiring of an organization.

Vacancy Creation

Based on the job allocation vacancy can be created for specific departments with right approval.

Vacancy Posting

Managing several job posts on different platforms digitally through a few clicks.

Assessment Panel

After creating the vacancy, specific people/departments will assess the candidates through several assessment layers.

Interview Scheduling

Avoid the hassle of time conflict for huge numbers of candidates interviewed.


PrismATS Job Portal

Applying multiple job roles through a centralized platform offered by extremely integrated job portal features of PrismATS.

- Application through job portal.

- Improved candidate experience

- Attracting ideal candidates

- Reaching wide range of candidates

Direct Application via Job Portal

Allows the candidate to apply for several jobs through a few clicks.

Candidate History

Candidates details history will be shown at the portal for further assessment.

Candidate Application Status

Candidate and employer both can track the on-time application status.

Biometric CVS (Candidate Verification System)

Track the candidates history, present state of applicant, and candidate enrollment through a single click solution of biometric candidate verification system.

- Maintaining proper recruitment process for worker/executive independently

- Maintaining Assessment History of all applicants

- Maintaining Action Histories of current employees

- Avoiding Repetitive data entry for the candidates

- Searching past records

- Identify Candidate by Fingerprints


Candidate Enrollment using Fingerprint

Easy access for candidates and employers both to identify the candidates history by using biometric fingerprints.

Any of 10 Fingers Entry Provision

Not only a specific finger, any of the 10 fingers can be able to verify the candidates for entering the system.

Candidate Fingerprint Update

Keep the fingerprints record updated for individual candidates of an organization.

Fingerprint Matching

Match the candidates fingerprint with the previous database to biometrically track the applicant history.

Integration To Experience A

Better Data Accessibility

Selected candidates are integrated with the HR/payroll system

Selected candidates are integrated with the HR/payroll system

After completing the recruitment process, selected candidates will be integrated with the hr/payroll system by using their fingerprint verification.

Job Allocation/Requisition Integration

Job Allocation/Requisition Integration

Candidates job application from existing hr/payroll system will be automatically integrated with the latest PrismATS technology through comprehensive API.


Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System for Candidates

  • Enhanced Candidate Experience
  • Simplified Process for Application
  • Transparent Progress Tracker 
  • Dynamic CV Modification Layer
  • Multiple Applications in a Single Company
  • Automated Walk-in Interview

The Ultimate Applicant Tracking System: Benefits for Recruiters and Employers

  • Faster and Efficient CV Screening
  • Collaborative Hiring Decision
  • Dynamic Applicant Tracker
  • Faster Recruitment Cycle
  • Seamless Interview Scheduling
  • Enhanced Employer Branding

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