Smart requisition tool for managing cheque book in Banks

Stand alone application for creating cheque and pay order book requisition obtained from customers for better banking process

A web-based solution for Cheque Book Requisition, Stocking & delivery to customers in any online & offline banking system

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Cheque Book Requisition Management System is a web-based solution for Cheque Book Requisition, stocking and delivery to customers in any online and offline banking system. The System can help the customers to place requisition from any branch and to have delivery from any other branch. Branch officer can also raise a requisition for pay order if necessary. 

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  • Integration with Core Banking
    Integration with Core Banking
  • Requisition Tracking from any Branch
    Requisition Tracking from any Branch
  • Cheque Delivery from any Branch
    Cheque Delivery from any Branch
  • Active Directory Support
    Active Directory Support
  • Ensures Productivity
    Ensures Productivity
  • Web Based Solution
    Web Based Solution
  • Multi-Level Approval System
    Multi-Level Approval System
  • Dashboard for MIS
    Dashboard for MIS
  • SMS & Email Notifications
    SMS & Email Notifications
Highly Secure & Robust

Highly Secure & Robust

As user authentication on this system is integrated with active directory, a properly configured active directory (with user group policy) ensures the high security of this system.

Integration with CBS

Integration with CBS

Prism CBRMS can be integrated with core banking system. Customer accounts, product and branch information will be automatically integrated with system. User does not need to import or input these data manually

Audit Trail Facility

Audit Trail Facility

With CBRMS, all activities of the users are logged in the system for security measures

Web Service Enabled

Web Service Enabled

With the CBRMS system many other tools such as SMS, Email and other utility services can be integrated with this system

Active Directory Supported User Authentication

Cheque book requisition management system is integrated with active directory. Admin needs to register active directory users to the system with desired role. User can log in to the system with active directory credential. Branch will be automatically assigned to the users while user authentication process. So if the active directory is updated properly then user will be automatically associated with appropriate branch.

Multi-Level Approval System

Each requisition is required to be approved. Pending requisition cannot be processed. So super visor needs to review and approve the requisition.

Smart File Generation System

User only needs to select a vendor and process the authorized requisitions

Easy Requisition Tracking System

With CBRMS, user can track the progress of the requisition from the system very easily

MIS Dashboard

Dynamic dashboard of CBRMS helps the management and user to see the trend

Other Features

Foreign Demand Draft Requisition

Different Currency & Account for FDD Requisition

SMS Notifications to Customer for Cheque book collection

SMS templates

API for Requisition Addition

API for Tracking Requisition

API for Controlling the Status of the Requisition

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