Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd. partners with Divine IT Limited for software support

On 18th February, 2019 Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd. places work order for the procurement of PrismERP.
The procurement of PrismERP product implementation, training and support service is issued for 03 units of BTA Group viz. Bangladesh Thai Aluminium Ltd, BD Thai food & beverage Ltd & BD Thai cosmo Limited. The service also includes 24/7 support and the full operational responsibility of the ERP software.
BTA Ltd. is one of the most established manufacturer and marketer of high quality aluminium products. With the production capacity of 400M. tons per month BTA Ltd. has played a big part in the construction scene in Bangladesh. The company also earned its reputation by keeping its delivery schedule on time with their quality services. Their expertise broadens more than manufacturing, the consultancy facility of BTA Ltd. touches on the financial aspects of profile design, fabrication of items, installation arrangement and execution on site.
PrismERP is one of the leading & innovative ERP software in Bangladesh that covers up different business functionality of manufacturing & production industries. Starting from the production process till the people management everything can be operated and tracked with PrismERP. The ultimate goal of this No.1 ERP software is to serve all the core solutions based on client requirements and to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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