Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd. acquires PrismERP to manage business operations smoothly

On November 21st, 2017 Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd. placed work order for PrismERP installation

Nilsagor is a leading Agro-industry conglomerate in Bangladesh. The production facilities in Nilsagor Agro includes feed production, hatchery, poultry, fisheries and so on. 

Nilsagor Agro Industries Ltd. acquires Financial accounting, Point of sales, SMS integration and few new customizations in the inventories to track materials in the inventory more efficiently. 

PrismERP is one of the leading & innovative ERP software in Bangladesh that covers up different business functionality of manufacturing & production industries. Starting from the production process till the people management everything can be operated and tracked with PrismERP. The ultimate goal of this No.1 ERP software is to serve all the core solutions based on client requirements and to ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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