Rema Tea Company Limited is going to centralize their workforce with LinesPay by streamlining the HR & Payroll process

On 7th February, 2018 Rema Tea has officially closed the deal with Divine IT Limited for the best HR & Payroll software "LinesPay"
With the LinesPay software, they are going to optimize the people management process by obtaining Employee management, Attendance, Payroll, PF & Bonus management, Task management and so on.
Rema Tea also acquired tea garden management system from PrismERP. The system integrates the bolometer reading with the ERP system producing an overall report of per-day temperature reading of climate and soil. The system also takes the record of rainfall and temperature daily which gives real-time values.
PrismERP’s tea management system generate reports which shows the overall outcome. The reports include rain register report, section wise plucking report, shortage report, extra plucking report and many more.
LinesPay is an integrated, flexible and affordable human resources and payroll management system ideal for managing organization's most valuable assets, the “Human Capital”. LinesPay is equipped with every aspect of HR management tools as well as robust reporting capabilities. The system helps organizations manage the entire employee lifecycle all the way from planning, recruiting to paying their benefits and compensations. The system is based on a modular approach and thus can be used by smaller organizations as well as larger enterprises. The versatile report module enables organizations to extend the value of HR software by extracting HR related data for decision making business intelligence.

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