Temacos Fashion Wear Limited integrates with PrismERP's Human Resource Management solutions

On 22nd of April, 2018 Temacos Fashion Wear Limited has signed Divine IT Limited to provide Human resource management system support.
Temacos Fashion Wear Limited, a leading buying house of Bangladesh will be automating their human resource management system with PrismERP. The ERP system will record every employee information of the organization and track their attendance in tasks. The solution will also maintain a record and organize leave and holidays of each employee based on company claws. Employees can also be benefitted through the employee portal, they can update their information and view their work progress. The portal will also increase the collaboration between the employee and management. Employees can request leave and get acceptance from the management without wasting any time.
PrismERP human resource solution is ideal for organizations with a large number of employees. The system is built to manage multiple branches and the employees of each branch individually. The HR processing can be done without any error or miscalculation. For garments and buying house operations PrismERP’s human resource management system is a smart choice as the system is built on the infrastructures which are maintained in the local garments industry. This system is maintained to deal with integrations of multiple devices and 3rd party platforms.
PrismERP is a world-class ERP system supporting industries like power & energy, steel & aluminium, telecom, internet & software, computer & electronics, garments & fashion house and many more. This system operates the critical functionalities of these types of industries with accuracy and efficiency.

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