Kiam Metal Industries Ltd. is ready to automate their business with PrismERP of Divine IT Limited

The deal of implementing PrismERP closed on 30th April, 2018
Kiam Metal Industries Ltd. has chosen PrismERP of Divine IT Limited by automating their business operations. The deal has been closed on 30th April 2018 in order to start the implementation. KIAM Metal Industries Ltd. is a private limited company which was formed in 1990 and is the largest kitchenware manufacturing industry in Bangladesh and producing all types of cooking utensils which are used as household items.
The company has chosen an independent platform through which they are going to manage their core operation of business which is the production management through which they will be able to control and track all the manufacturing procedure of kitchenware goods. Besides that, they will also automate the business solutions of sales management, human resource management for better workforce & inventory to manage the stock goods and raw materials of production.
PrismERP inventory management system is a tried and tested system ideal for small to large enterprises having multiple inventories; with complex functionalities. The stock status can be always observed which is updated on real time basis. Companies having multiple branches and inventories can track their stock level constantly without moving physically. PrismERP inventory management is used by companies such as, Nil shagor agro, MK electronics, AB Electronics, Cross World Group, GrowBiz Industries Ltd, Rayhan Motors and many more.
PrismERP is a world-class ERP system supporting industries like power & energy, steel & aluminium, telecom, internet & software, computer & electronics and many more. This system operates the critical functionalities of these types of industries with accuracy and efficiency.

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