As organizations grow and expand, the portfolio of applications that support the business also grows in size and complexity. This creates new problems for the business in terms of higher cost of maintaining and managing complex, redundant software, reduced efficiency due to slio-ed applications and lower overall business agility.


Locate applications that offer higher value, expending the most cost on, or getting most agility from. Use this to select applications to be replaced, new applications to be invested or reusing them to service other applications.


Use gathered information to support decisions and prioritize plans and investments. Get a clearer picture of applications to answer questions relating to effectiveness, agility, business dependency and associated maintenance costs


Our analysis approach enables us to adopt a concept, clarify requirements, rapidly develop and deploy working prototypes for customer feedback within 90-days cycle, while reusing the common functionality. Our analysis strategy has enables to control clients R&D budgets, facilitate multiple applications to be tested prior to investment, and increase revenues by enhancing overall user experience.


Our services offers more control over R&D budgets by helping organizations to rapidly prototype multiple IT proposals in parallel, prior to making the investment decision. These approaches lower development costs by validating requirements using functional prototypes, accelerate time-to-market by using time-boxed approach to delivery and provide the resulting prototype, that enables to strengthen the business case for IT investment.

IT Governance

Depending on our customer organization's current state of IT governance, we recommend and deliver the most appropriate Governance frameworks that will facilitate IT alignment, meet business objectives, maximize benefits, while making organizations successful, compliant and secure.

Project Based

Project consultancy is a highly specialized field in itself and requires extensive expertise. We cater to a diversified set of businesses for project based consultancy services. We understand the complete business processes of the organizations and help them to implement fast performing and cost effective IT solutions to leverage the growth of the organization.

Product Based

If you are looking to start a new product venture we are here to assist you and guide you through out the process. Our consultants will not just guide you in planning and establishing of your new venture, but will find suitable and effective solutions to all your business problems and hindrances through out the process.